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Notable Owners

The Documint Lab's platform was born from the desire to document performance products used by professional endurance athletes. Brands who sponsored these athletes with cutting edge products and training technology focus on the marketing and PR efforts in order to gain exposure.
Our co-founders seek transparency in how their athlete clients were actually using and benefiting from these endorsed products. Often, professional athletes sell their endorsed products at the end of the season to be replaced with next year's model. We set out to create an efficient way to document rhe Athlete's use and experiences with the endorsed product with an easy-to-use capture tool designed to automatically create a time-stamped product storyline with text, imagery, and video events.
Once on the secondary market, the digital storyline accompanying the product adds extra value through its inherent transparent design creating a whole new level of buyer engagement and assurance. The Documintor platform facilitates a digital storyline with complete how, when, and who viewing control. Subsequent owners can "layer" his/her storyline adding and/or preserving product value.

Interested in NFT backed authenticity?

Key Benefits

Personally Share & Documint Unique Experiences

Athletes, Actors and Celebrities can now permanently documint their personal stories behind the products they want to sell. There is no better marketing tool for a fan to hear directly from their star.

Validate Ownership and Authenticity

Consumers can rely on provenance claims and convey this at resale.

Consumers can Share their Story

Why do they like this celebrity? Why is this product of such importance? How have they stored and maintained the product? Consumers can add whatever information they want to share and help maintain/increase value in the secondary market.