Our Platform

Our platform is designed to benefit all parties in transactions of physical goods by way of efficient, organized, transparent documintation and communications.

Documint Labs NFT's cater to businesses and consumers who value integrity and care of their valuable physical assets.

Pete Ryan

Co-Founder · Documint Labs

Our core solution is a technology platform built around the premise of transparently managing physical product lifecycle documentation and owner experience. Our platform gives both businesses and consumers the ability to mint unique, multi-media capable and updatable tokens and attach them to valuable physical products that they own. The tokens function as dynamic digital titles, updatable by the current product owners (and sometimes the original manufacturers) and then transferable to future buyers on secondary markets.

A significant focus of the Documint Labs team is to partner with leading OEM's (original equipment manufacturers) to incorporate dynamic product tokenization at a source level. All future owners of the physical products tokenized at the source will benefit from traceable authenticity and original records of purchase and suggested product usage. Manufacturers gain an all-in-one digital solution to distribute product-specific documentation to original and 2nd generation owners of their physical products in an organized, dynamic format.

The Documintor can also be utilized by consumers who are already in possession of owned, value physical goods. Although the NFT won't reflect data from the original source, Consumers gain an all-in-one digital solution to easily document and manage their physical ownership experience, such as maintenance and product usage, ultimately adding value to their products when it's time to go on the secondary market. In a day and age where secondary market transactions are global and options are plentiful, Documint Lab's NFT solutions for physical products bring the gold standard in seller transparency, which equates to greater buyer assurance and ultimately a higher value on the product itself.

How it works

Tokenize Hard Assets
OEM's tokenize their physical products and distribute to buyers

Layer on Experiences
Consumers documint their experiences straight from their phones

Engage Buyers
Buyers engage with a viewable product story on secondary markets

Add Value
Sellers gain more value for their product sale, buyers recieve more assurance of the product they purchased

Who We Serve

All ships rise with greater transparency

B2C & B2B

We help manufacturers provide a superior customer experience by enhancing their product engagements, compliance, and communications, ultimately helping the bottom line.


We help consumers maintain maximum value of their product ownership by providing a simple way to documint the care and product experiences.

Applicable Industries

Real Estate, Vehicles, Instruments, Jewelry, Sporting Equipment, Collectibles, Wine, Physical Art, and many other higher value OEM products.

Current Status

The Documint Labs team is currently raising capital to complete the development and rollout of this game-changing technology platform for enhanced ownership of higher-valued physical products.

The Wine Project

Unique Wine Tokens (Case Study)

Giant wine bottle background with man leaning against wine barrels in foreground. Icons depicting text, video, and images.

As fellow wine enthusiasts, the Documint Lab's team is currently collaborating with several prominent wineries to create a beta test case for our underlying core NFT product platform. Wine Stewards and collectors both recognize the importance of the specifications used to create the wine itself; the grape, the growing environment, the soil conditions, the experts behind the operation, etc. This information, including time-stamped video based messages from the master Sommelier, will form a foundation of a sample Documint Labs style hard asset corresponding token. These tokens shall be issued to buyers of select bottles of Close Selene wine (and other wineries) and will be converted to The Documint Labs full version product once the application launches (estimated Q2.2023).

How it works

Wineries such as Clos Selene have assembled a collection of digital data assets applicable and specific to some of their most select wine offerings. When customers purchase these wines, they will be issued an NFT and notified of this issuance. In the event they are unfamiliar with non-fungible tokens or have yet to set up some of our product requirements, such as a wallet, our process will guide them through the setup in order to receive and utilize their NFT. Because these issued NFT's will be in a beta form, not all standard features will be active to start.

Current Status

This is our first beta project and is currently in the development stage. There will be a "pre-step" in the form of a non-active demo product, so early customers/investors can see how the Documint Lab's platform will flow. There will likely be several stages that follow our product demo, which includes our NFT product that will be issued but with only a partially active feature set. These tokens shall be issued to buyers of select bottles from wineries such as Close Selene, and will be converted to Documint Labs full version product once the application launches (estimated Q2.2023).

Note: Not only did we choose this category for our beta test because of our personal interest in wine, but because we believe there are multiple future application features that would add nicely onto to our core NFT platform, which would make this project very popular in the wine collector industry.

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