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Manufacturers of fine goods are the soul of our business. Documint Labs offers a complete management system for a blockchain based, customer-generated product interactivity.

Incorporate Documint Lab's NFT platform into your operations and open the door to better customer experiences with your products and company and stay in-sync with your customer's demands.

Think of our product like a dynamic digital story of your product's entire life cycle. We enable your brand and your customers to continuously add value to their product and encourage regular customer engagement. More engagement = happy customers, more repeat business while garnering favorable product reviews.

Interested in NFTs for your products?

Key Benefits

Critical Product Information Digitally Attached

Critical information stays with your product on the blockchain, forever; Spec sheets, installation instructions, a video message of inspiration all stored digitally and available for any future owner.

Authentication & Ownership

Help your customers know they are receiving the real deal. With modern day identification tags PLUS the inherent design that permanently links our NFT to your product, no matter who is in possession of the product, buyers can validate product authenticity and ownership.

Customer Compliance

Customer care and product compliance. Is key to a product warranty and its required maintenance. With a Documint Labs' NFT, customer compliance is easily promoted, tracked and documented all from their mobile phone. Your customers receive product maintenance reminders.

Enhance Customer Experience

Make it as easy for prospective customers to access information and understand the value of your product. View specifications, component detail and a video from the company president or product designer. Once purchased, they can register their product, sign up for warranties and more. Keeping it simple and easy enhances the buying experience and sales.

Enhanced Brand Loyalty

The Documint Labs NFT platform adds value to your products and to your customer relationships. Improving your customers' own relationship with your product will increase brand loyalty and long term profits.

Customer Engagement

The highest form of customer engagement is from the most passionate. Facilitating product care, documenting their usage in an ongoing storyline embraces and enhances that passion. Once on the secondary market, your product and their content will stand out and engage potential buyers.

Direct to Consumer Communications

Send/receive updated information they need to know about your company's products - straight to their NFT wallet! A brand welcome message. Offers on complimentary products. Product recall notice. Win a prestigious award? When a product is purchased on the secondary market and the NFT is transferred to the new owner, start communicating with the owner with welcome messages, special offers and more.