About Documint Labs

Our Mission

Documint Labs is a blockchain technology company born out of the desire to add continuous transparency in the key events over a lifecycle of unique and high-value physical goods.

Our Mission is to create the world's most trusted, transparent and content-driven technology platform by connecting human driven passion, integrity, pride and credible communications between buyers and sellers as it relates to the transactions of physical goods. The Documintor NFT platform is designed to work at all ownership stages of a product's lifecycle: From Manufacturer to Original Owner to 2nd Owner and so on.

Company Story

The underlying concept of Documint Labs' product was inspired by a co-founder before the introduction of NFT's. Misleading claims made by sellers and dishonest practices lead to disappointment and a distrust that negatively impacts consumers' buying behavior. In this environment, facts, actual results, provenance and authenticity are often met with skepticism.
Documint Labs observes demand for a reliable medium that documents and connects a bona fide manufacturer's product and its real-world usage with its lifecycle. Documenting and preserving a product's journey with consumers throughout its lifecycle to the benefit of seller and buyer has led to the founding of Documint Labs.

Meet our team

We've assembled a skilled and passionate team with experience launching startups.

  • Pete Ryan


    An operations manager with a concentration in tech development. Related startup company development.

  • Jennifer Aichele


    Specialities: Accounting, Budgeting, Forecasting, Financial Modeling, Cap Table Management

  • Matt Furden

    Co-Founder CTO

    Software Engineering, Design, Development, and Management.

  • Dan Magill

    Co-Founder Sales & Marketing

    Sales, Marketing and Management executive with a proven track record at startups/SMBs and Fortune 500.

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