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The end-consumer is at the heart of our business. In purchasing products or minting NFTs, they make our business possible.

There are three distinct groups of consumers: purchasers of products; minters of collectible, unique and high value products; and notable owners of products, such as athletes and celebrities.

Consumer Purchasers of Products

Today... it's all about getting maximum satisfaction and enjoyment out of the products you own. But when it comes to tomorrow, and getting maximum value for your product from potential buyers, our NFTs have you covered. With a Documint Labs NFT, you get complete control of your product's storyline during ownership, which will add significant value on the secondary market when engaging potential buyers, providing them product assurance, differentiating your product from other sellers, and ultimately... getting a higher sales price. And if you are a buyer, finding assurance in the seller and product you are buying just got a whole lot easier due to the product record keeping transparency of a Documint Labs' NFT. In the future, we believe NFTs will be part of every high-end physical product ownership experience. And we believe there will be no better solution, then a Documint Labs NFT.

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Key Benefits

Enhances the Purchase Process of New Products

When you're buying a new product with a Documint Labs NFT, you can verify the authenticity of the product and the NFT contains all the manufacturer's information and product specs that helps to add value to your product purchase. You can also register your product or sign up for a warranty on our app at the time of purchase. Improved buying experience = Improved brand satisfaction and loyalty.

A Digital Title of Ownership

When you purchase a product, the Documint Labs NFT is transferred to you as the new, validated product owner. As a dynamic title, add as much information to your NFT as you want. With a Documint Labs NFT, all your product information permanently lives on the blockchain. Easily access your NFT and subsequent data directly from your smartphone. When it comes time to say goodbye to your physical product, easily transfer your NFT to the next owner who then assumes control and can add their own data.

Communications from the Manufacturer

A unique feature of the Documint Lab's NFT platform facilitates communications between manufacturers and the consumers who own their products. Let's say you, Mr. Consumer, just purchased a Harley Davidson Road King from its original owner. As part of the purchase, the previous owner transfers the bike's NFT to you. When the NFT was transferred, Harley Davidson was notified that you are now the new owner of the bike and sent you a brand welcome message and information about popular upgrades and the 3 closest Harley service centers. You can communicate with the manufacturer to register your motorcycle, make inquiries, look at extended warranties and more. Your Documint Labs NFT is a 2-way communications portal between you and the manufacturer.

Authentication & Ownership

No one wants to get ripped off by buying fake, fraudulent or stolen products, but it happens a lot. Documint Labs works directly with manufacturers to ensure that the NFT's being minted by these brands are attached to authentic products made by them. When it comes to buying and selling goods on the secondary market, the Documint Labs' NFT validates both ownership and authenticity.

Higher Value on Secondary Markets

At Documint Lab's, we believe transparency has value especially when it comes to high-end transactions. As a product owner in possession of records of authenticity, original specs, care, maintenance, manufacturer notices, upgrades, and real-world product use and experience, will have real value to potential buyers on the secondary market. The more quality data and events you record to your NFT, the more transparent the product storyline which equates to more buyer assurance and a more valuable transaction.