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NFTs for Physical Goods

Interested the future of Physical NFTs?

Why mint NFTs for physical products?


Find out how you can increase value at the initial sale, enhance customer engagement and increase revenue in both initial and secondary markets.Read More


Learn how you can engage and attract customers and preserve the value of your unique products in the secondary market.Read More

Notable Owners

From musicians to athletes, you can share stories to personalize the sale of your collectibles and validate their ownership and authenticity.Read More

How Do Consumers' Benefit From Smart Contracts

Throughout the products lifecycle, our app allows you to:

View manufacturer messages, sign-up for warranties or register your product.

Easily engage and communicate with manufacturers/past owners.

Produce content rich videos to create meaningful product stories for potential buyers.

In secondary markets, preserve value and stimulate buyer engagement by showing your product story and documentation.

Effortlessly documint product care and compliance with warranties.

Verify the authenticity and ownership of your product throughout its' life.

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How it works

Manufacturers and consumers start by Tokenizing Physical Product

For Documint Labs, tokenizing is linking a Smart Contract to a physical product through our app. Manufacturers and consumers can then easily add videos and product-specific information to enhance the value of the sale and validate authenticity and ownership.

Smart Contracts enhance a customers buying experience

Not only can customers view manufacturer and consumer messages, but through our app you can register your product, sign-up for warranties, and more.

New Owners can now Documint their Unique Product Story

Customers can not only documint the maintenance and care of high-value products, but they can track their experiences with content rich videos, similar to how life experiences are tracked on social media.

Engage Like Never Before

Manufacturers and customers can now communicate after the sale. As a customer documints "events" on their NFT, manufacturers can open a dialogue and send brand welcomes, offer discounts, and more. This even extends to the secondary market. When a Smart Contract is transferred to a new owner, a manufacturer can start engaging with the new owner.

Verify Authenticity and Product Ownership

Customers in the secondary market can use our app to verify that the person selling the product is the actual owner and that the product is authentic.

Environmentally Friendly

Minting one Documint Labs' NFT uses less energy than one Google search or Instagram post. Our environmentally efficient minting process helps keep our planet safe while making us much more cost effective than most competitors.